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Booking conditions

1. Service

Any bookings confirmed and payment made, establishes a valid contract with the service provider, is lodging, transportation, car rental or other. From that moment will be issued a voucher to be printed by the client. The voucher will be used to check-in and should be checked carefully in advance and thus it is issued. Any errors or discrepancies must be reported immediately to the Topco - Viagens e Turismo, SA, advance the date of check-in. It will also be issued an invoice will be sent to the customer, if requested. The reservation is considered confirmed, so availability is communicated and accepted by the customer paid for this.


2. Prices

All prices are in Euros. The Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. reserves the right to change prices at any time. All quotes are reported in total, including all taxes and service charges at the time of payment. The Topco - Travel and Tourism Limited, acting as intermediary, will receive payment on behalf of the service provider. Any changes to prices, will not involve any change in the reserve when it is already confirmed and paid, except for changes made by the client, after the confirmation and payment. VAT is included in the price of all services. Most reported that the prices given may result in some additional supplements on the occurrence of "special days" such as trade shows, conferences, festivals or national holidays. When this occurs, customers will be informed prior to any confirmation or payment.


3. Payments

The Topco - Tourism and Travel Agency, Inc. uses advanced technologies and platforms, to ensure that all data and information from any credit card, are completely safe. The details of these will be required upon confirmation and payment. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the supply of card data is performed with accuracy and reliability, there could result in delays in the booking confirmation. No payment will be issued without confirmation by the hotel unit, the availability to book and no acceptance by the Customer the amounts to charge. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the reliability of payment. This must necessarily be 100% upon confirmation of booking and paid no later than 30 days prior to check-in. If no payment is made, the Topco - Travel and Tourism Ltd., cancel the booking. All extra services such as cleaning, laundry or coffers, are paid directly to enterprises. Also not included in the price: cost of sunbeds safe, arenas and other sports, except when provided by free enterprise, tours and other personal expenses, transportation to and from hotel / airport; cots (unless it is informed or gratuity the amount to be collected) and travel insurance. In case of unavailability of accommodation request, Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. will recommend an alternative, whose value may or may not be equivalent. If the alternative is accepted by the customer and if your desire booking, it will accept and will be responsible for the cost difference.


4. Information, descriptions and programs

The Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. will try to have all the descriptions and pictures shown are as accurate as possible. However, acting as an intermediary, not responsible for errors or omissions therein. Some of the hotels they may temporarily close certain structures and facilities to cancel some services for operational reasons, becoming responsible thereof be forwarded to the Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. If not, this can not be held responsible by committing themselves However, to provide that information as quickly as possible, when provided.

Meal Plans:

- SA = Room Only (no meals included)
- BB = Bed & Breakfast
- HB = Half Board (BB + Dinner)
- Meal Supplement SREF = (BB + 1 Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)
- PC = Full board (breakfast + MP)
- TI = All Inclusive (PC + drinks)

Note that any new development may limit or modify what each plan covers, and for that properly inform all those involved.


5. Cancellation fees and No-Show

Reservations may be canceled without charge within 24 hours of confirmation, since the reservation was made until 30 days before entry and there is no special agreement between the customer and Topco - Travel and Tourism Limited, during the reservation process. Cancellations must be made by the customer using the link provided in your reservation to that effect. Cancellations will be considered valid and effective from the moment they are received by Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. in writing, and that confirmation of this will be done via e-mail with all relevant details of fees cancellation and / or amounts to be reimbursed or not. If the customer wish to cancel a reservation has not yet settled and enjoyed, it is necessary to take into account that the later the cancellation is made before the date of entry, the greater are the cancellation fees. Cancellation fees are mandatory and the following (except special agreement between the customer and Topco - Tourism and Travel Agency, Inc. during the booking process): - Up to 30 days before check-in: 25% of total - between 29 and 15 days before check-in: 50% of the total value - Between 14 and 8 days before check-in: 75% of the total - less than 7 days before check-in: 100% of Total - No-Show: 100% of the total in case of early check-out, there will be any sort of refund.



6. Changes of Lodging

The Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. does not accept any alteration to the booking within 7 days prior to check-in customers, start to transport or contracted service. Any change is subject to an operating expense to be reported at the time. The amendment application does not validate the same, the customer is informed as soon as possible whether or not the confirmation of the change and its costs. The Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. will try, wherever possible, make all the changes required, given that suppliers may not accept these changes. If accepted, the changes may incur charges and that the customer will be notified. It is the customer's responsibility to communicate any changes to your contacts. When the client wishes to change hotel development, means of transportation, car rental or service that will be understood as a cancellation of the original booking and performing a new reservation, where the availability of alternative housing, transportation, or services sought is confirmed and accepted by the customer. Thus, the original reservation is subject to cancellation policies in effect. The Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. will do everything you can to not be any unwanted changes and / or nuisance to the reservations made. In the event of the failure to inform the hotel unit of accommodation of the client, Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. will try to arrange a similar alternative of comparable rank. If this is not possible or the client does not accept the alternate drive, the reservation will be canceled and refunded in full.


7. Check-in and Check-Out

The normal check-in will be 16 hours. If they wish to carry it out in earlier time, the enterprise may charge the previous night. The normal check-out will be 12 hours. If they wish to carry it out in later time, the enterprise may charge the night later. If you choose to check-out days in advance to reserve, fa it shall at its sole responsibility and will be given reservation as canceled and thus not entitled to reimbursement.


8. Complaints

In the case of a problem and / or abuse occur during your stay, rental or during the contracted service, the customer must apply directly to the supplier, so try to solve the problem immediately. If even then the issue is not resolved, you should make a written complaint, properly identified and signed, with the fornecedro. Most problems are resolved at the time of the complaint, giving opportunity to the responsible vendor, personally find the resolution to the problem. In the rare possibility of the customer, still not satisfied, you can contact Topco - Travel and Tourism Limited, acting as an intermediary with the hotel unit. It is therefore important that the customer has the gift of our office hours are from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. Any matter arising on weekend, will be treated immediately on Monday next. Please note that the Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. does not accept any complaint or claim as valid, if his behavior does not occur as reported above.


9. Responsibility

The Topco - Travel and Tourism, Inc. acted as broker and agent bookings, disclaims any responsibility for any shortcomings in the accommodation services, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularities that may occur or be achieved during the trip or stay, guests, their luggage or any item of his property. In case of dispute, the jurisdiction is the District of Faro.